When Avery opened the store, her goal was to create a warm and comfortable environment to shop in while surrounded by art. During those first few months, the store took up the home’s two front rooms. It’s nearly a year later, and business has grown. Today, Avery has filled every room with a well-curated collection of men and women’s clothing, home décor, an assortment of gifts for all ages and an impressive collection of hand-crafted jewelry. 

“I love to see people come in and get excited about something I’ve picked out,” she says, explaining why she made the move from a stay-at-home mom to first-time business owner. Avery and her husband, Jason, moved to Ozark from Memphis nearly 17 years ago, but that Southern charm is still very much present in Avery’s life. In fact, several of the jewelry lines, artwork and clothing lines she carries are from Mississippi. Avery heads back to her home town, Tupelo, Mississippi (the birthplace of Elvis), several times a year and returns to 417-land with a collection of work by artists she met while on her Southern excursion.